G-Link API

Use the amazing switch from Toplogis: G-Link data switch!

G-Link Client is a data switch that allows data exchange across various databases. It is installed on the computers of the enterprise and offers high-level functions, such as database safety settings, data encryption, storage and delivery, record transfers, logic checks, and exception notifications. G-Link Server monitors the validity and timeliness of each data transmission from global G-Link Clients in the Data Center.


Reliable delivery for data transmission

Complete well-defined interfaces

Easy integrated with different database


API support multi-format include Text, XML, JSON.

Data Interfaces well defined by role and by function for supply chain partners include shipper, supplier, packing company, freight forwarder, broker, trucker and courier.

G-Link console provides performance monitoring, alert email and query transmission history.

G-Link client provides database integration setting include authority informatiopn and data exchanged mapping.