Skip the bonding accounting hassle with e-Port!

e-Port module was certified by Taiwan Customs. It is a must-to-use digital tool for companies’ operation in FTZ or bonded area to expedite in and out shipments with the Customs compliance. Especially for those simple assembling factories, e-Port module could automatically process working orders from ERP system so that the overseas headquarters could monitor the process in FTZ or bonded area. e-Port module has integrated with the Customs system could summit on-line applications and get permission from the Customs system. e-Port module provides complete write-off functions and generate consolidated monthly In-and-out reports, various bonded account book required by Customs.


Operation Setting

  • Entry/ Exit Zone Notification

e-Port Operation

  • Notification of management operations
  • Consolidated Monthly Report

Inventory Checking Operation

  • Inventory Management Operation
  • Write-off Management Operation

Account Book Management

  • Bonding Account Book Management