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Outbound Platform!

e-Outbound module is an intelligent tool to improve a company’s exportin g operations using collaboration and AI technology. It’s a modern operation to achieve shipper’s supply chain efficiency and productivity gains through digital technologies. e-Outbound module could optimize shipper’s demand chain and speed up global logistics by full integration with Shipper’s ERP system and LSP’s internal systems. e-Outbound module could automatically collect status while monitoring whole process for each outbound shipment and specially provides complete functions of exporting bonded goods written off with the Customs compliance.


100 %
Digitalize trade documents and shipment transparency

Automatically conversion of manual booking and shipping instructions documents improves shipment data accuracy

50 %
Reduce Lead Time

Effectively reduce the lead time of logistics process by 50% through collaborative with logistics partners

30 %
Decrease Total Logistics Cost

Successfully assist enterprise to decrease the total logistics cost by up to 30%


Document management

  • System integration with ERP
  • Automate shipping documents generation & forward to related parties

Digitalized documents

  • Automatically generate shipping documents

LSPs/customs collaboration

  • Orchestrate with LSPs
  • Receive the INV/PAK and custom clearance status in real-time
  • Automate re-export tax exemption process

Transportation plan

  • Automate aggregate shipment
  • Automate select LSPs and simulate cost
  • ASN management

Alert configuration

  • Global Event Manager (GEM) to automate alert configuration
  • Automate cargo status updating

BI Analyze

  • Freight cost per unit shipped
  • On-time depart rate
  • On-time ship rate
  • Order fulfillment lead time
  • Average order confirmation time
  • Perfect order measure