Sourcing and Billing

Skip the procurement to reconciliation hassle with e-billing!

Logistics sourcing and billing module is a complete tool to skip from LSP sourcing to reconciliation hassle! It provides thousands of qualified global LSP as sufficient sourcing pool and well-defined logistics fee items to expedite on-line inquiry, bidding, business allocation and e-billing. Logistics sourcing and billing module could provide the visibility of whole logistics expense through daily auto-calculation base on each shipment progress collected from e-Inbound module and e-Outbound module.


100 x
LSP sourcing pool

Enlarge 100 times LSP sourcing pool.

100 %
Less Problems

100% Eliminate manual effort and reconciliation problems

100 %
Expenses Visibility

100% daily visibility of global logistics expense.



  • Define transportation-expense-specific codes
  • Generate from historical data
  • Match with internal ERP

Generating/Send RFQ

  • Auto-generate RFQ from sales prediction
  • LSPs sourcing(Generate from historical data/ Database)
  • Special inquiry of RFQ

Compare/Negotiate bids

  • Simulate the shipping cost
  • Provide free LSPs portal to update RFQ
  • Compare & Negotiate the bids online
  • Award the carriers online

Auto-calculate price

  • Daily update the LSPs charge by shipment status
  • A/P recognize
  • Invoice, receipt upload


  • LSP portal to auto-verify bill
  • Identify deviation cost & auto-alert
  • Integrate with internal ERP

BI Analyze

  • Freight cost per unit shipped
  • On-time depart rate
  • On-time ship rate
  • Order fulfillment lead time
  • Average order confirmation time
  • Perfect order measure